Yemen: Supporting People with Special Needs

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According to Yemen Humanitarian Needs Overview (2017), an estimated 18.7 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian or protection assistance.

Of the 18.7 million, 10.1 million are in acute need. The conflict in Yemen is reaching dire proportions with no clear end to the current conflict foreseen in the near future.

Conflict Increasing Numbers of Disabled People

The number of people  with disabilities in Yemen is estimated at approximately 4 million. This number keeps increasing due to the ongoing armed conflict in the country.

In addition to the armed conflict  which is becoming a major contributor to increasing the number of disabled people, there are other causes for disability. These include congenital diseases, complications at birth, illnesses with the shortages in medications and accidents.

The deteriorating humanitarian and economical downfall within country governments has lead donors and aid agencies to feeling overwhelmed.

The war is creating  many competing priorities during emergencies. This is resulting in people with disabilities and special needs being left out.

Humanitarian Needs of Disabled Persons  in Winter

Winter 2017-2018 was one of the most difficult winters in Yemen as the cold weather spiked during the night. The extremely cold weather increased the suffering of the poor and other disadvantaged groups.  Due to the conflict, they lack the necessary winter clothing and blankets to keep them warm during this season.

The project aimed to alleviate part of the suffering of the disabled and special needs. They were provided with winterization packages to stay warm, prepare and protect against the common winter diseases. The packages were in high demand with the current shortage of medications and medical services available in the targeted locations.

The two locations which were chosen to implement the project were Taiz and Amran. Both governorates are considered among the worst cities in Yemen that are affected by the ongoing clashes. These areas contain a high number of IDPs.

The project supporting disabled individuals with our winterization packages comprising of a mattress, blanket and clothing package with socks, gloves, scars and hat.

During this time, Islamic Relief Australia supported Orphans in Bosnia. Our Winterization Projects vary depending on the countries needs.

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