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Share your warmth in their winter

$50 Blankets and winter kit for a family of 5 to 6.

$150 Blankets, winter kit and heating for 6 months for a family of 5 to 6.

$250 Blankets, winter kit, food pack and heating for 6 months for a family of 5 to 6


Cash vouchers, where beneficiary families can buy essentials of their choice.

Winter is here for millions of vulnerable people worldwide, which means an even greater struggle for survival.

Winter is here for millions of refugees worldwide, which means an even greater struggle for survival. As we enjoy the warmth of summer hererefugees around the world will face extremely harsh winter conditions while they battle the new threat of COVID-19. Many will go without shelter,  nutritious food, warm clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical care. Those living in makeshift tents and shelters will struggle to keep warm and safe as temperatures fall dangerously low and heavy rain and snow hits.  But  these  families don’t need to brave the cold on their own – you can  share your warmth today.   

Your donation means that our teams on the ground can provide essentials like winter kits, food, water and medical supplies to refugees and displaced communities in Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Bangladesh (Myanmar refugees). 

Donate now and help them make it through the cold, harsh winter. 

Donate now and help them make it through the cold, harsh winter.