Water Solutions
Islamic Relief Australia is proud to provide truly innovative water solutions to communities in need. Sometimes this may be a well, sometimes it may be latrines, and sometimes it may be pipes and taps into a hospital or school. One thing is sure- when you join us in providing Water Solutions, you can be sure we’re providing a solution that will truly better the lives of the community you’re helping.
Clean water helps with:

“The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink.


We believe in providing not just water but water solutions.

When we build a water system, we want to ensure
that after we leave, the locals never need to ask for help accessing water again.

That’s why we take a carefully tailored approach in each area. In some areas there is no groundwater, so digging a well won’t work we build a system which catches rainwater instead. In countries which have wet, rainy seasons followed by long, dry periods, we construct micro-dams and reservoirs to store the water safely for use all year round. And to save women and children the difficult physical task of pumping water by hand, we harness natural energy with solar-powered wells.

It isn’t just about building systems it’s about building people too. Five years ago, more than 50,000 water points across Africa had failed, because no-one taught the communities how to maintain and repair them when they broke. We train local people to take care of their new systems, as well as teaching them how to use water safely to improve health and hygiene, so that when we leave, they have truly been given water solutions.

How can I help?

Give to Water Solutions
Your donations will not just give water to those in need; your donations will give ♡ life to people, animals and crops thereby regenerating whole communities, so please give generously.


Read FAQ’s
For your convenience, Islamic Relief Australia has answered frequently asked questions about Water Solutions.

What does a water solution look like?
A water solution can include a bore hole; a solar powered well, water dam, latrines (toilets), water and hygiene education in a school, or many other solutions besides. We identify a community in need of safe water, and talk with them what solution would matter most to them, and in that way we decide together how best to solve their water crisis.

How can I be involved?
Because we’re building a whole solution, instead of a small well which helps only a few or easily breaks down, the overall cost is often high. We ask our supporters to work together to ensure we can provide these solutions, by becoming a Water Solution Shareholder, and contributing the cost of one or more shares, at the cost of $1000 a share.

When you become a Water Solution Shareholder, you’ll receive an initial confirmation email and receipt. Once enough Shareholders have committed, we’ll notify you which community you will be assisting, what the water solution will be, and when the water solution will be completed. Following that date, we’ll send you a Shareholder’s Certificate, with pictures of and information about your Water Solution.

If you would like to adopt an entire Water Solution, please contact us to discuss options.

Why does it take so long?
Building a small and cheap water well (under $1000) may take just three to six months, but our internal learning shows that these wells are ineffective, only assist a small number of people, and break down easily. We’re committed to the best solutions, rather than the easiest, and often this means taking the time to achieve the best results.

A water solution takes longer because firstly we require enough Shareholders to join (up to 6 months), during which time we’re talking with local communities and identifying their needs and practical constraints or opportunities. We then start a project, which can take between 6-12 months to complete, from purchasing the lowest cost high quality supplies, having the engineers create plans, building infrastructure, testing water quality and purpose, running community education and awareness programmes, and allowing a “test period” where we can identify any unexpected problems.

Following the completion of the project, we create a final report where we honestly appraise the success of the project, ask engineers to create a technical report and ask the community to tell us if it was beneficial and what lessons we can learn for the future, which can take up to two months. Following this, we will be in contact with Shareholders once more to provide them with a Shareholders Certificate, with pictures and information about their Water Solution.