Ramadan Appeal
During the month, observers of Ramadan remember and fulfill their religious obligation to support those living in poverty or facing injustice around the world.
This Ramadan, you can provide:



You helped to halve extreme poverty in the last 15 years!

Every Ramadan Islamic Relief delivers over 1.1 million food parcels to families all over the world who are unable to break their fast otherwise. It is by feeding those who are fasting, providing them with sustenance and creating a sense of global community that are we able to nourish our souls. Every single food parcel is donated by someone like you. On its own, a single food parcel may not seem like not much. But together, you and others like you have made the Ramadan of 1.1 million families more beautiful. That’s why we thank you.

You helped to lift 1 billion people out of poverty.

Through supporting humanity around the world this Ramadan, your charity will create meals for families; fill stomachs of children and their loved ones, and bring families and communities together during the most special month of the year.

Feed a Family this Ramadan



East Europe Food Pack

Albania, Kosovo, Chechnya & Bosnia



Asia Food Pack

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines & Sri Lanka



Africa Food Pack

Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Mali, Chad, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Sudan & Somalia



Middle East Food Pack

Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine (W. Bank), Palestine (Gaza), Jordan, Syria & Yemen

What’s in the Food Pack?

Rice, Tomato Paste, Margarine Pack, Lentils, Sugar, Lima Beans, Freekeh Pack, Macaroni, Tuna, Bullion Maggie Box, Milk Powder, Hummus, Cheese, Halawah, Vermicelli, Tahini, Juice Powder, Salt Bag, Tea Bag, Flour Pack, Luncheon Meat, Sardine Can, Spices, Palm Pack and Dates. (Contents vary based on country)

At Islamic Relief, you can also donate:


Zakat Al Fitr


Iftar Meal


Fidya & Kaffara


Eid Clothing

“Who ever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his rewards”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – [Tirmidh]

How can I help?

This Ramadan
Together we’ve achieved so much, but there are still 800 million people living in extreme poverty. We know that with your support we will raise everyone out of poverty in the next

15 years Insha’Allah.


Read FAQ’s
For your convenience, Islamic Relief Australia has answered frequently asked questions about Ramadan.

How are Food Packs delivered in time?
We work up to six months in advance preparing our Ramadan programme, speaking to food suppliers, identifying people most in need, and making sure the food in the pack meets nutritional needs and local cultural expectations.

We deliver the food packs at the start of Ramadan, but give you the freedom to donate to cover the cost of food packs at any point within the month. This means even if you donate even in the last 10 days, you’ve ensured a family was fed for the entire month.

What if I am/was unable to fast in Ramadan?
In some circumstances, a Muslim is not able to fulfill his or her religious obligation to fast during the month of Ramadan, or may want to recompense for a broken oath. Fidya and kaffara are two solutions offered that can help a Muslim compensate for not fasting or breaking other obligations – the paying of fidya or kaffara also benefits members of the community who live in impoverished conditions.

What is my Zakat used for?
Beyond being a percentage of our income, zakat is a pillar of our faith.

In the Holy Qur’an, surah 2, verse 110, we read, “And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves—you will find it with Allah; surely Allah sees what you do.”

And it’s a promise that we must fulfil to help those in need. When you give your zakat through Islamic Relief Australia, it’s used in accordance with religious requirements in emergency relief, shelter or health, to assist those who need it most.

What else can I do to help in Ramadan?
Ramadan is such a special time of heightened spiritual and social responsibility and awareness. We’d love to assist you to take action in your community in Ramadan to raise awareness or funds for those around the world. Maybe you could host an Islamic Relief Iftar, give a talk at your school or university, help out with our Ramadan Cake Campaign, or discuss with our Community Team an idea of your own!