Millions across the developing world cannot access education for one simple reason: poverty. However, education would help them escape poverty – by giving them the chance of a better job – and the impact of this would carry on down the generations.
Help changes lives and provide:

Islamic Relief is committed to breaking the
cycle of poverty.


We want to ensure that all children receive good quality education, and that adults are taught to read and write too.

A farmer who can read can make sure nobody takes advantage of him, and sell his crops at a higher price. A girl who is educated has access to more opportunity and often has more power in society.

Islamic Relief builds and rehabilitates schools, stocking and equipping them with everything they need to provide quality teaching.

We train teachers so that they give the best education possible, and support schools with milk and nutritional meals, to ensure that children are healthy enough to concentrate and learn.

We also work with adults, teaching them in ways that work best for their situation and culture – for example, in Afghanistan, women gather in one another’s homes to learn, so they feel comfortable and safe in their learning space.

The Prophet, (PBUH), told us that “The best gift a father can provide for their child is an education

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – [Tirmidh]

How can I help?

Give Education
Islamic Relief believes that young people shape the w?rld of tomorrow. Contribute to education, and you’ll be shaping not just today’s world, but tomorrow’s.


Read FAQ’s
For your convenience, Islamic Relief Australia has answered frequently asked questions about Education.

What kind of education projects will Islamic Relief do?
In the past, we’ve provided children in Gaza with back-to-school kits, including uniforms, shoes, books and pencils, and bags, ensuring that even though many families lost everything in the conflicts, children were able to continue accessing education. We’ve constructed safe learning spaces in Nepal following the devastating earthquake, when the school was too unsafe to use, ensuring that the education of children was not hindered during the reconstruction efforts.

In the future, we aim to continue to help communities not just by covering immediate education needs, but by strengthening on-the-ground capacity through training and leadership support, to provide sustainable solutions so communities can help themselves.

How can I find out how my support was used?
A donation to our general education fund enables us the flexibility to fund whichever education project is most important or needy at the time whether in an emergency response or not.

Keep an eye on our social media or in our annual report for information about our education projects to know how your donation was used.