Alyateem Child Sponsorship
There are 153 million orphans worldwide. Islamic Relief already supports over 43,000 orphans around the world.
Will you join us?
When you sponsor an orphan, they receive:
health checks
clean water

Children are more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, violence, malnutrition and injustice than any other group. Help them grow!


The suffering of children is one of the hardest things to witness, especially because they are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty and conflict. Trapped in broken economies, children are forced into impossible situations, to beg, to work, risking their lives, even to sell themselves.

Meet Hamida

Hamida lives in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her home is a corrugated box, barely bigger than her bed, and she shares a toilet with 200 other people. She’s alone most of the time. Her father left her and her mother works as a maid during the day, leaving her alone.

We enrolled Hamida into one of our girls schools where she not only receives an education, but also hygiene training, a school meal each day and most importantly, she’s safe. Islamic Relief sponsors over 43,000 children around the world from just $55 a month… will you join us?

As they grow, many are robbed of a childhood and left without the education and support to realize their true potential and eventually, lift them out of poverty. For many, their chances of having a brighter future are slim and time is running out.

Your sponsorship could help them grow

Sponsorship means more than you think. For as little as $55 a month, your support will ensure that the world’s most vulnerable and needy children have long term access to a better quality of life. These children deserve to be happy too, which is why we don’t just take care of their physical well-being. Your sponsorship will mean they receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips.

Please be aware our Alyateem Child Sponsorship is a welfare programme, not a development programme. To donate to development programs targeting children, please visit: islamic-relief.com.au/what-we-do/empower-children/

How can I help?

Alyateem Child Sponsorship
153 million.That’s the number of children worldwide living without one or both parents to give them a home, safety and most importantly love. That’s 153 million reasons to help.
By sponsoring a child, you are ensuring they are able to stay in the best place for them- their family.


Read FAQ’s
For your convenience, Islamic Relief Australia has answered frequently asked questions about orphans.

Alyateem Child Sponsorship

How does it work?
Around the world, children living in poverty are placed into orphanages even when they have a living parent or relative, because their carer fears they will be unable to provide a good life for the child. Yet in an orphanage, a child is deprived or parental love, family support and a community to belong to.

Islamic Relief’s Alyateem Child Sponsorship provides a caring and beneficial alternative. By providing a fixed and consistent funding amount on an ongoing basis, we help carers feels confident in their ability to provide the child in their care with security, ensuring children are raised within vital family structures.

By sponsoring a child, you are ensuring they are able to stay in the best place for them- their family.

Who is eligible?
‘Alyateem’ is an Islamic definition. While it is commonly translated as ‘orphan’, in Islamic tradition an Alyateem is defined as a child who has lost their breadwinning parent, as well as children who have lost both parents. Many children who are sponsored through Islamic Relief Australia live with their mother, and all children live with a family member, including aunts, uncles or grandparents.

The children who are sponsored through Islamic Relief Australia are child younger than 18, without one or both parents, or whose financially-dominant parent has abandoned the child for a minimum of four years. The orphan may be of any gender, religion or race.

How is a child selected for sponsorship?
Children are selected based on four main criteria: financial need, family size, housing conditions and health. The families with the greatest need such as larger families with dire financial situations receive priority for sponsorship.

How is the sponsorship money spent?
The sponsorship money must be spent on ensuring the children’s physical needs- such as food, water, health care, clothing and shelter- are met, as well as ensuring their education through their childhood, such as school funds, uniforms, school books and pencils.

Sponsorship money is paid to the child’s guardian every quarter. Children and their guardian are monitored to ensure that they are receiving the full benefits of sponsorship. This may include health checks and education for school-aged children.

How long will the sponsorship continue?
You can sponsor a child as long as you wish, up to the age of 18. If you choose to continue sponsorship after the child reaches 18, you are free to do so. We require a minimum sponsorship time of two years because this allows us to plan ahead and maintain a consistent level of service to the orphan.

Can I provide any further support to the child I sponsor?
Of course! You can provide a gift at any time of the year, or a special gift for Eid, by contacting the Child Sponsorship Officer. If you would like to provide additional financial support, we can also organise this.

Can I write a letter to my orphan?
Yes. The sponsor and orphan are free to exchange correspondence via the Islamic Relief Australia office in Sydney. Sponsors may email a letter to the Child Sponsorship Officer, or call our office to discuss further

Can I visit my orphan?
Following security checks, you may visit your sponsored child to witness firsthand the difference your sponsorship is making in their life. The sponsor must cover all costs of the visit. In line with our Child Protection Policy, visits must be facilitated by an Islamic Relief representative and will take place at an Islamic Relief Office. In addition, the visit will also be supervised by the Child Welfare officer at the country field office. The Islamic Relief Child Protection Policy is in place to ensure the safety and welfare of vulnerable children and their families. Please contact our office on
1300 308 554 for further information regarding visitation to your sponsored child.

I have not heard about my orphan. When will I be updated?
All sponsors receive a biography (biodata) about the child you sponsor upon confirmation of the first donation payment. The biodata is mailed to sponsors up to two weeks after initiating sponsorship. Thereafter, progress reports are mailed to sponsors once a year. You may contact the donor care team at info@islamic-relief.com.au if you do not receive updates.

Is there any reason my sponsorship would be unexpectedly cancelled?
We may cancel a sponsorship if the income of a family is significantly raised, if the family moves without leaving contact details, if we find out the sponsorship funds have been spent inappropriately, if the child dies, or if the child becomes married (Islamic Relief stands against early marriage).

In these cases we will contact you to discuss the reason for cancellation and transfer your sponsorship to a different child.

We may cancel a sponsorship if we discover a sponsor has been having inappropriate or unauthorised contact with a child who is sponsored. In these cases a sponsorship will be cancelled immediately, and the sponsor will be unable to sponsor another child through Islamic Relief. The sponsor will be contacted to be made aware that their sponsorship has been cancelled and provided with the reason.