Victims of Cyclone Mora rebuild their lives after the destruction of 15,000 homes

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In 2017 Cyclone Mora destroyed over 4000 homes and damaged 13,000 homes in Myanmar. This resulted in a high demand of safe housing for affected families.

The damages caused by Cyclone Mora is estimated to cost $200 million USD. Massive family shelter and food security needs among vulnerable families.

The current poverty rate among the affected population in Myanmar stands at 78%. 25% of the population is facing food insecurity. Malnutrition is widespread amongst the children and the elderly.  

Internally displaced people (IDP) face stereotypes that have created restrictions on their lifestyle and movement. IDPs cannot travel to outside communities or to markets in cities for business activities due to travel restrictions. IDPs are unable to move to water areas for fishing, forest lands and agricultural lands. There is a shortage of basic needs and services amongst internally displaced people (IDPs) in Myanmar. Families are not able to obtain a cash flow due to the previously mentioned travel and work restrictions.  

Supporting Single Mothers and Vulnerable Families

Dawahr, a single mother of five children has spent the last few years of her life living in an impoverished camp in Sittwe. Her home was destroyed by Cyclone Mora.  Due to existing lifestyle restrictions, Dawahr and her children did not have access to school or employment opportunities.

Dawahr is one of our beneficiaries we provided with shelter and food packs. Her husband passed away in 2017 due to chronic diseases.

 We lost everything and for survival, we had to take shelter in camp, becoming dependent on relief. Cyclone Mora destroyed our shelter and after Mora we lost everything again. We were living in temporary tents and we were passing miserable days with children without safe and protected shelter.

Especially in the rainy season, we were facing an acute problem like; children can’t sleep whole night, they are crying due to the unsuitable situation and soaked bad with rainwater. Sometimes children and I also suffered from severe colds and fever due to the unsafe shelter.  

I have no ability to make a safe and protected shelter due to financial problems and no earning opportunities. In this situation, IR Myanmar came and discussed with the camp leader to construct a new shelter in Ohn Taw Gyi(North) camp and selected me as a beneficiary of the shelter project.  

IR Myanmar made a safe and protected shelter for me and I am very happy about the new shelter house. Now I have a protected new house within the camp. My children are very happy when we received new room from IR Myanmar.” 

Cyclone Mora left thousands homeless

Shelter was a high need among families as the cyclone destroyed 4,000 homes. Families were forced to live under open skies with exposure to rain, sunlight and cold. Families, children and the elderly had been living under severe stressful conditions in fear of their safety, lifestyle and future.

Construction of Safe Shelters for Affected Families

In response to the poor living standards and food insecurity in the Rakhine State, Islamic Relief worked on the ground with two local partners to address the emergency issues. 

Islamic Relief built safe shelter and provided 6 months of food support to address the issues of destroyed homes and food insecurity.  Approximately 70% of the beneficiaries are women and children and almost 5% of the beneficiaries are individuals with special needs.

The IDP community were overly satisfied with the timely response. During the construction process, 100IDPs were involved and were able to obtain wages underneath skilled or unskilled workers. 

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