Syrian people face escalating violence in northwest

/ 11 months ago
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North west Syria violence 2019

Violence in north west Syria “deeply concerning.”

The people of Syria continue to suffer as violence in the northwest escalates. Islamic Relief’s Head of Middle East and North Africa region, Najat Elhamri, said:

“We are deeply concerned about the safety of people living in Idlib. The daily bombardment is killing and injuring innocent people, including children. In recent months several hospitals have been attacked and destroyed, leaving many without urgent medical attention.”

“The region is home to three million people, including one million children. Children are living in a constant fear and facing danger on a daily basis. The international community must act now to protect them.”

“…The sad reality is that almost half of the people living in Idlib have moved to the region from different places to seek a safe refuge, but have found themselves living in the same nightmare which they escaped. It is believed that almost 1,000 civilians have been killed in the ongoing conflict since April this year.

“We are urging all parties to exercise maximum restraint to ensure the truce agreement in Idlib is maintained. The obligations under international humanitarian law are clear, and civilians must never be targets wherever they are. For too long, this has been the norm in Syria and with the ninth anniversary of the crisis fast approaching we need to see urgent action to stop the suffering.”

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Islamic Relief is supporting families who have been affected by the conflict in Syria with assistance including health, food, education, water and sanitation and skills to earn a living.

Over the past year, as a global family we have helped over two million people inside Syria, as well as people affected by the crisis in neighbouring Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

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