Syria Emergency: 3 Million People Under Threat in Idlib

, / 1 year ago
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Russian forces have begun to launch an offensive on Idlib for the first time in three weeks. Idlib is  the last rebel-held area in Syria and a complete military offensive on the region would result in serious humanitarian consequences.  

There are an estimated 3 million people currently living in the areas of Idlib, Western Aleppo, Northern Hama and Eastern Latakia. 

Nearly half of these three million people are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) displaced from other locations, while two thirds of the total population are already considered in need of humanitarian assistance according to the latest coordinated assessments.  

The Syrian War is entering  its eighth year and has left millions of people physically, mentally and emotionally affected. The United Nations reports 28% of Syrians have been driven from their homes and identifies 5 million Syrians as refugees outside of Syria.

Attack on Idlib will lead to a  serious Humanitarian Catastrophe

Some people may seek to move into the Afrin and Northern Aleppo governorate areas. Others will move temporarily in a short-term displacement. Regardless of the movement type, the affected people will require support. Islamic Relief, UN agencies and humanitarian partners are working together to be prepared for a potential new displacement should an offensive be launched onto Idlib.

Refugees in northern Syria are not allowed to enter Turkey. We are however, active in distributing humanitarian aid into Idlib. 

Islamic Relief has been active in Syria since the beginning of the crisis. We are currently responding to their needs by providing immediate life-saving assistance and support to crisis affected population to alleviate their suffering and ensure their dignity, safety and well-being.

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