Syria 6 years of War: Case Study Fida Al-Jassem

/ 3 years ago
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Fida, Is a Syrian mother of three children. Living in a camp on the Syrian-Turkish border. To what had happened to her and the hardship she had to go through with her children have not stopped her from living a happy and joyful life. Overcoming against all odd, she fought through her disability. She cherishes her three children, giving them love and affection.

With a strong will, she is overcoming the difficulties of life.

I dream of living a life of dignity. I have lived here for years, far from my family and my relatives and my house. I hope to see them again. I was in an incident in the camp when rain caused landslides and a wall fell on me. My spine was a broken and it had caused my permanent disability. I can no longer walk or sit well and I need a surgical operation.

I spent four months lying in bed, unable to move. By the grace of Allah, a month ago I started to move, I overcame the pain and slowly I was able to walk. I do everything I can to overcome the negative effects of this incident. I always look for a positive to battle the struggling pain and agony I am in.

You can be sad for a while and hope becomes weak. But when someone comes to lend support it makes you say: “Thank you, Allah! Goodness still exists in this world”.Fida Al-Jassem

I hope to live for years and give my children a good upbringing. I want to teach them, be proud of them, and see them build the future of our country, which is weary of war.

I will not surrender. I do everything I can to overcome the difficulties I’m in. I draw my strength and my will from my children. I have no one else but them after Allah. I hope to live happily with them away from the war and its horrors.

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