Supporting al-Amal Hospital with Drugs and Disposables

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Al-Amal Hospital is one of the 20 Hospitals Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) has equipped with Medical Supplies, Equipment and Doctors to provide Emergency and Complex Medical Services to the Syrian Refugees living in the Turkey-Syria Border

A Hospital for Syrians in Turkey

Islamic Relief has equipped twenty hospitals with medical supplies, equipment and doctors to provide emergency and necessary medical services for those in need. Al-Amal Hospital is one of twenty hospitals funded by Islamic Relief. It is located in Southern Turkey, Rehanli, on the Turkish-Syrian border.

The hospital serves Syrian Refugees as well as disadvantaged people living in camps in Turkey. Al-Amal is one of the first hospitals that operates for Syrians living in Turkey.

Tens of Thousands of Patients Benefit

IRAUS donors have enabled the hospital staff to provide quality medical services to the Syrian refugees who are living in Turkey or referred patients from inside Syria. The medical supports and services of Al Amal Hospital has played a vital role in saving the lives of patients and recovering the normal life for many others who are not able to be treated inside Syria.

In 2016, the hospital provided services to a total number of 69,436 Syrian refugees. Among them, 2,360 patients received surgical operations, 13,100 received radiology services, 818 received MRI service, 11,158 laboratory service and 42,000 outpatient services.

24,632 people, including 5000 children received life-saving medical treatment and services, including complex surgeries from the hospital under IRAUS supports.

We thank our donors for contributing towards the ongoing development and operations of al-Amal Hospital.

Amal is the arabic word for hope. For Islamic Relief and many struggling Syrians, our donors have given them hope to heal and grow.

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By supporting hospitals, Donors are able to ensure health service providers they enable to hospital staff to provide quality medical services to Syrian refugees who are living in turkey or referred patients from inside Syria.

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