Sulawesi Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Update

, / 2 years ago
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Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Update 

The latest reports from Indonesia reveal almost 2000 people have been confirmed dead, over 10,000 injured, over 800 are officially reported missing.

The Sulawesi Earthquake has forced 70,000 people into homelessness, with strong aftershocks continuing to rock the area, following a devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami in Central Sulawesi.  Sadly, although thousands are feared to be buried beneath rubble, authorities are preparing to officially end the search for those buried under rubble in the hardest hit neighbourhoods.  

Roads, bridges, homes, schools and medical facilities have been destroyed by the natural disaster, leaving over 200,000 people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance in the form of clean water, fuel, food, clothing, and sanitary and hygiene kits.  

There are increasing reports of violence and looting of markets and local businesses in the affected areas, and public health is continuing to be a major concern, with lack of access to clean water and food.

The most common diseases presenting to health posts are diarrhoea, fever, influenza-like illnesses and trauma injuries. The risk of increased transmission of vector borne diseases such as malaria is in the coming weeks, due to expected heavy rainfall.  Over 21 health and medical facilities have been affected by the earthquake, leaving many without general medical services, including children and pregnant women requiring maternal services.

Following the disaster, there is an urgent need for mental health and psychosocial services support for those affected.  

Rescue efforts continue to be undertaken however challenges are being faced in the form of difficulty accessing areas due to damaged roads, risks of landslides and mudslides, and lack of access to electricity.  

Islamic Relief on the ground 

IRAUS has been on the ground supporting work in Indonesia since 2000, delivering humanitarian and development activities. Our partner, Islamic Relief Worldwide in Indonesia, is already responding in Earthquake-affected Lombok, and is now assessing and responding to immediate needs in Sulawesi. 

The relief efforts in Palu and Donggala are focused on supporting more than 400 affected-families (2,000 people) with life saving medical help, food packs, drinkable water, temporary shelters, sanitation and hygiene kits, as well as temporary latrine equipment, and establishing safe learning spaces for school children until schools can be rebuilt. 

IRAUS is initially seeking to raise $100,000 AUD for the immediate response in supporting those affected by the Sulawesi Earthquake.  Our IRW Emergency Appeal document is currently being finalised and will be available via our website shortly. 



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