Partnering with Australian NGO to deliver safe water solutions

, / 2 years ago
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Islamic Relief Australia is partnering with Australian NGO, SkyJuice to deliver sustainable and safe water solutions for vulnerable communities

Islamic Relief Australia is aiming to work with the SkyJuice Foundation, a Sydney based NGO, internationally recognized for developing ultra-water filtration pump for developing communities.

SkyJuice supplies affordable and sustainable water treatment systems for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief based on passive membrane technology.

Rhett Butler is a professional mechanical engineer, as well as an active social entrepreneur and public speaker on water issues who is the founder and CEO of SkyJuice.  

Rhett has over 30 years senior management and strategy experience in the global water industry as well as significant exposure in manufacturing, small business and industrial development. 

The water sanitation units are designed and manufactured by the foundation whose aim is to “provide low cost, sustainable water treatment solutions humanitarian programs in developing and third world nations including emergency and disaster relief.”

The ultrafiltration membrane provides complete physical filtration including disinfection removing bacteria, protozoa and pathogens greater than .04 micron. SkyHydrants are lightweight and easy to transport, require no power to operate and can be setup and run by non-technical persons. Safe, clean water for less than $1 per person per year.


Without access to clean water people cannot live. If their water comes from a faraway source, they have to spend their days carrying it instead of going to school or earning an income—this affects women and girls the most. 

Closely linked to clean water is sanitation. More than one-third of the world’s population—2.5 billion people—do not have improved sanitation facilities, and 1 billion of them still practice open defecation. Too often, this contaminates the community’s water source, threatening people’s health and lives. 

Integrating adaptable and World Health Organization (WHO) approved water technologies, Islamic Relief Australia aims to develop long term sustainable projects that aim on generating income for women and children.


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