Creating a Safespace for Syrian Women and Children in Jordan

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In Dangerous Conflict Zones Children Are Subjected To The Fatal Consequences Of War Such As Displacement, Death And Torture. Levels Of Exposure To Traumatic Experiences Plays A Critical Role In The Severity Of Child Mental Health.


When Islamic Relief carried out an assessment with Syrian Refugees living in Jordan, we discovered Syrian Refugees were suffering from significant hardships.  They reported common feelings of isolation, increased feelings of depression and negativity, and increased levels of family violence (both verbal and physical). 


Psychology of War: Children Suffer

Research has indicated the majority of Syrian Refugees will recover overtime with natural coping mechanisms that can be fostered by supporting psychosocial and mental health problems to avoid coping through oppressive mechanisms such as depression or anxiety.

Studies have shown conflict zones cause more mortality and disability than any disease. When mental health problems are unaddressed, it becomes difficult for people to attend their physical health needs, routine daily tasks and to maintain good relationships with others.

What We Do

By methods of intervention the project provides Psychosocial support for Women and Children, Recreational Outings and Activities: Art Therapy, Sports for Children, and Awareness Sessions for Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection.

Immediate results are exhibited by the intervention and integration of recreational activities in the lifestyles of crushed children and their mothers. Some recreational activities include playing football, lego, and art therapy by drawing.

Through social interaction children are motivated to leave home, interact with others and enhance their communication abilities in order to foster expression. These activities are conducted in the presence of their mothers and undergo specialized assessments by a team of psychosocial specialists.

The activities unwind serious psychological symptoms induced by war upon children. Some psychological symptoms include increased fear, anxiety, insecurity, depression, difficulty concentrating and feelings of hopelessness.

The project administers women awareness sessions on how to protect themselves and how to deal with (physical, emotional and sexual) abuse and domestic violence. The project educates the mothers to learn how to identify and consider the violence and abuses they may be exposed to.

The project therefore improves the psychosocial and protection situation. The project promotes the physical and mental health well-being of Syrian Refugee Children and their Mothers staying in camps in Jordan.


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