Ramadan in Syria: Um Zubidah

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Syria is one of 34 countries Islamic Relief is operating the 2018 Ramadan Food Pack Distribution Program.

The Syrian conflict began in March 2011 and has resulted in one of the worlds largest refugee crises. Since the beginning of the conflict the number of  Syrian Refugees has exceeded 5 million and over 13 million people inside of Syria are in dire need of humanitarian aid.



Um Zubidah had been living a normal life until her home was destroyed by barrel bombs. Below, you can read her story.


We left Aleppo after the shelling and bombing intensified in our area. Our house was completely destroyed after it being bombed with explosive barrel in Al Shear Neighborhood, Aleppo city.


It is very hard to lose your house and to live in a tent which can’t protect you from cold weather in winter and heat and dust in summer.

When we arrived here, we could only find this little tent which is not enough for my children, my older mother.


My husband was lost five years ago while he was going to his work in Aleppo.


We no longer hear about him any news. We live in very difficult conditions as many insects and snakes come out of the camp.

We suffer from shortage of food and drinking water.

We have to get water and carry it on our shoulders from the bottom of the camp to the tent.


The water is polluted and not drinkable but we have to drink because we don’t have money to buy clean water.


Children always become sick because the drinking water is not clean and healthy.



My little child needs milk constantly and his body does not grow well from lack of healthy food and we don’t have much money to buy milk. Many of the affected displaced families come to this camp to look for shelter and to find a safe place away from the war … all people here need humanitarian assistance.


The parcel is very big that includes food items, kitchen tools and milk. The most beautiful thing for me is the kitchen utensils because I am in desperate need of them. I no longer have to borrow from neighbours their own kitchen utensils and now I can use at any time to cook for my young children.

May Allah bless you and reward you!

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