Ramadan as a Single Mother in Mali

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The civilian crisis in Mali clashed with the lack of rainfall and erosion of the Niger river is forcing millions into need of humanitarian aid.

The Cadre Harmonise, the current regional framework that assesses food insecurity situations in affected populations, has recently announced that “4.1 million people in Mali will be food insecure this year”

The Islamic Relief Ramadan Food Pack Distribution Program targets families affected by food insecurity, particularly orphans, households affected by conflict and female-headed households in which the women are widowed or divorced.

Due to the security situation, Islamic Relief Officers had to use alternative routes to deliver food packs to those in need in the previous Ramadan, particularly to beneficiaries living in North Mali. Some of the alternatives routes used to transport the food packs were use of boat passages.

After her husband passed away, Nana Taore came across Islamic Relief Mali. Nana’s situation was dire – she worked long hours selling pearl shells to support her family of seven. Despite working to the best of her ability, Nana Taore has faced many unjust nights to send her children to sleep with an empty stomach.

For single mothers facing food insecurity, Ramadan becomes an even more challenging time period.

“In terms of the challenges I face as the breadwinner of my family it was the most difficult when my kids were ill.  Ramadan is a holy month in which it is easy to reach Allah, the Creator of the Universe. I try doing my best to be closer to Allah by prayers and fasting. But in my area, it is a very difficult time due to the food prices on the market and the hunger we experience.”

Ramadan is an opportunity to address social issues such as food insecurity in places many do not know exist. It is also an opportunity to address the needs of orphans and families who live in poverty.

For people like Nana, she summarises the impact of how it feels in the face of food insecurity to receive a food pack,

“Thanks to this package I am not wondering about what to do in order to have food. I am now able to save some money. I am not spending money to buy rice or sugar.

Our plate is full and now there is absolutely no reason to worry about food in this month of Ramadan.”

Give a minute to think about the joy our donors have been able to share with developing communities around the globe.


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