Qurban and the Zhang Family

/ 3 years ago
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In the mountainous region of the Gansu province in Central China, a land is drought-stricken and severely challenges the lives of all workers. Zhang Aisa is a 45-year old farmer living in one of the villages. Meat is not rare, but his family is not able to afford it.

His income is primarily sourced from his grazing career and his son’s salary as a waiter.

“If we have a good harvest, we will have sufficient food, but we are dependent on the rain and it does not always come. My family thinks meat is the most delicious food on Earth, but in the poor and mountainous area where our village is, we do not have much food to eat, let alone meat.

Last year Islamic Relief delivered Qurbani over 1,100 families in China. The Zhang family was one of the many that were able to receive meat.

Due to the support of the local government, Zhang was able to build a home, he is grateful he has now lives in place that protects him from the wind and rain. Zhang, however is not able

“Now we have a place to resist the wind and the rain,” he said. “But life is hard because my son is studying at high school and I also have to pay for his tuition fee. I have back problems and I cannot do any hard physical labour. All the field work must be done by my wife.”


Last year, Islamic Relief donors helped us distribute Qurbani food packs to 1,100 families in China, and the Zhang family was one of those who received 5kg of meat.

“The meat parcel from Islamic Relief will last us for several months as we only have a bit at a time. We do not have a refrigerator so my wife boils it and salts it, so it can be stored.

The Zhang family is working hard to create a better life for themselves. Stand alongside them this Qurbani by reaching out to them with Islamic Relief.

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