Qurban for Aminata and her family

/ 12 months ago
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Aminata’s Story

Aminata Samake, is a 36-year-old mother of two and a small trader who lives in Mali. She has two daughters, Almoussa and Fanawele, aged four and ten respectively. As a widow and someone with disabilities, it has been very difficult for Aminata to support her family on her own.

“My family incomes comes from the small trade I am doing which consists of selling traditional medicines. I am the only one to take care of the family. Due to my disability, it is very difficult for me to cover all my children needs. Most of the time, I cannot provide the three required meal to my children. It is my neighbour sends us the remaining of their food. The sponsorship allowance of my daughter, Almoussa, helps me to buy food too,” she says.

2018 was the second year she benefitted from your generous donation.

Aminata Samake, 36-year old disabled mother of two who lives in Bamako.

Qurban Meat Pack is so important for my children and me. It is my second time I benefitted from it. Before Islamic Relief, we used to spend many Eids without eating meat. Sometimes, we got meat from generous neighbours. Ever since we started receiving meat from Islamic Relief, my children are so happy.”

As meat is scarce and expensive, Aminata and her children do not have the luxury of eating meat. She commented:

“Oh meat!! I do not remember the last time we ate meat. My children and I can spend several months without eating even a small piece.”

She is also on the receives support from Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship and Ramadan programs and is very grateful for all the assistance she receives.

I do thank IR and its generous donors. Without IR I would be begging now. I say this, as I did not have any means to find food for me and my family…ensuring their education. Now, we need good income generating activities in our community. ”

Written by Mohd Zarith Md Hanipah

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