Over 3 Million People Reached in the 2018 Annual Qurban Project

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In 2018 , the Islamic Relief Team directly delivered fresh Qurbani meat to millions of individuals on the Days of Eid al-Adha.  The days of Eid took place between the 14th to the 17th of August.

In 1986, Islamic Relief launched the Qurban Program. Qurban is an annual program that takes place on the first four days of Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha takes place on the 11th day in the 12th Islamic Month, Dhul Hijjah.

On the days of Eid Al-Adha it is obligatory for Muslims to slaughter a goat, sheep, cow, bull, buffalo or camel. The animal must be prepared, fed, treated and slaughtered with care, as according to Shariah (Islamic Law). The meat is cleaned and packaged to be distributed to those in need.

Field Officers in Gaza weigh meat that has been cleaned and cut. They are weighing the meat to pack equal portions before the distribution process.

Qurban is sourced from local economies and delivered to remote and rural areas that are difficult to reach. For some, this is the only time of the year they eat meat. This means, that for months before the Qurban, local cattle farmers from the country we are working in prepare and graze the animals in advance for the Islamic Tradition. Farmers and locals are given the opportunity to use their skills and take part in a program that fulfils religious obligations and alleviates hunger.

First distribution for Qurbani 2018 project in South Lebanon

In 2018, Qurban was delivered to over 3 million people in 34 countries all over the world. Including 9 countries in Africa and 16 countries in Asia. For example, in Kenya, Islamic Relief Kenya distributed over 5,000 Qurbani  to vulnerable households in Mandera, Nairobi and Wajir.

Ethiopian women gather and prepare to receive their Qurban which donors have funded for 2018. 

In Kenya, a young girl and her brother celebrates the day of Eid with Qurbani meat they will be able to share with their family. 

In Kenya, at least 5,000 Qurbani packages were directly distributed to our beneficiaries, including one of our happy mothers in the picture above.  

Islamic Relief’s popular Udhiya/Qurban campaign receives international recognition for its ability to create employment opportunities for societies in poverty and for distributing fresh meat to millions of the worlds most vulnerable.

Turkey has been a recent development in the Qurban campaign, as Syrian Refugees have been a target in Qurban meat distribution. The distribution took place specifically in Gaziantep and Reyhanli near the Syrian border for Syrian refugees

The type of meat provided is appropriate and acceptable to recipients so that they can be used efficiently and effectively at the household level. As an example, in India, due to sensitivities surrounding cow-slaughter, goat is the sole source of Qurbani meat. In remaining countries there is a selection of goat, sheep, cow or buffalo depending on local markets.

In Bosnia & Herzegovina gather for the 2018 Qurban Distribution Process. 

Shariah advisors (Ulama) are on hand to ensure Shariah requirements are fulfilled both in the appropriateness of the animals in fulfilling the criteria for a valid sacrifice as we as to observe the method of slaughter itself to ensure meat is halal and fulfils religious requirements of donors.

Islamic Relief has been working in Turkey focusing on distributing the Qurban to Syrian Refugees living in Turkey. There are 3 million  Syrian refugees estimated to be living in Turkey. 

Qurbani is creating significant change to families and victims who are experiencing the consequences of conflict, natural disaster and poverty. We thank all our stakeholders in this years Qurban journey and look forward to creating more impact in 2019.

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