NSW Bushfire Support: January 2020 Update

, / 5 months ago
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Thanks to the overwhelming response we received from our donors, we have fundraised over $100,000 for the NSW bushfires. We will be working with local partners and authorities to ensure that all bushfire relief funds are well spent and reach those most in need.

For instance, one of our key areas of focus is the Shoalhaven region, which was severely impacted by the catastrophic fires. Our Local Programs Coordinator, Peter Sapsford, met with the Shoalhaven Mayor and the Senior Community Development Manager.

Disaster Recovery

As a result, we can collectively identify areas where there are gaps in unmet recovery needs. Similarly, small-scale agricultural producers in the Kangaroo Valley region have been particularly hard hit by the bushfires.

Additionally, we are working with our partners to assist these small producers to restore their livelihoods and production.  by providing urgently needed fencing materials. This means that the funds will also go towards supporting the Kangaroo Valley Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade.

NSW Sholhaven
NSW Sholhaven Mayor


Furthermore, to help animals affected by the fires or to our bushfire appeal, we urge you to donate to one of the following organisations:

WWF Australia:

RSPCA New South Wales:


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: https://www.koalahospital.org.au/adopt-a-koala

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