Earthquakes Seven Days Apart in Indonesia Take Over 100 Lives

, / 2 years ago
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Emergency Update Tuesday 7th August 2018


Before 10pm on Sunday a 7.0 Magnitude (RS) Earthquake hit Lombok following the 6.4 (RS) Earthquake that took place 7 days earlier. Over 100 lives have been lost in the last week and thousands of individuals have been displaced.


Image Source: Reuters
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The earthquake lead to residents and tourists to flee to higher grounds when a tsunami warning was issued. The warning was removed a few hours later.  The quake has caused damage to infrastructure including hospitals. In Despansar, Bali, a local hospital transported patients outside due to power cuts and damage to operations.

Islamic Relief and local partners are in Lombok providing immediate relief and emergency services to groups affected by the deadly quake.

Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management announced numbers of people who have been died and injured by the quake are only expected to increase.

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Islamic Relief Indonesia sent its emergency response team to the affected areas in East Lombok after the first earthquake which had taken place on the 29th of July. During the week, IR Indonesia joined with local partner KONSEPSI and conducted rapid needs assessment activities and distributed immediate assistance. This included the distribution of tarpaulin, hygiene items, and food. Injured people were assisted by helping them reach local medical centres or hospitals.

Whilst there are many International and local humanitarian organisations coordinating their relief activities on the ground, Islamic Relief has identified gaps that need to be urgently addressed.

Islamic Relief will procure and distribute hygiene and sanitation items. Other support include supporting medical checks for the most vulnerable people, and help them to recover from the effects of the disaster.

You can contribute to our immediate Emergency Relief Responses by clicking here.

We respond immediately to human suffering. At the moments notice we organize funds, staff and resources to actively work in areas to support those in need.

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