Emergency Relief for 1,300 Families affected by Indonesia’s December Tsunami

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On the 22nd of December just before 9:30pm the Krakatoa Volcano erupted causing a tsunami to take effect on the Sunda Strait which took the lives of 430 civilians.

  • The tsunami triggered by the volcanos has killed over 400 people.

  • 924 houses, 73 hotels and villas, 60 culinary stalls, 434 boats and around 65 vehicles have been damaged.

  • Many children, babies, mothers, and elderly are sleeping outside of their homes without proper protection. 

  • IR is working with the local partner, PKPU, who is our current partner in emergency response and recovery in central Sulawesi.


The tsunami is thought to have been triggered by an underwater collapse as the nearby Anak Karaktau volcano erupted. The volcano has been erupting throughout the year and has remained active since the weekend. 

Over 430 people have died, 1,495 are injured and 154 are still missing. The tsunami has also affected over 900 homes and displaced 21,082 people from the five affected districts – Pandeglang and Serang in Banten Province, and Lampung Selatan, Tanggamus, and Pesawaran in Lampung Province. It is expected that the figures will increase as the assessment continues. 

Pandeglang Tsunami survivors sleeping conditions inside Krakatau radio station

Within ten hours of the disaster, Islamic Relief deployed a small team in the Banten Province including an emergency coordinator, a logistician and a nutritionist. Within twenty four hours, boxes of hot food as well as mats, blankets, rice packs, biscuits, medicated oil for adults and babies, drinking water were distributed amongst the most vulnerable.  

IR distributed items and child kits in Desa Kalanganyer Banten province.

Islamic Relief, which has provided critical humanitarian support in Indonesia since 2000, remains on alert for further disasters. 

A statement has also been released from the Islamic Relief Indonesia Country Director here.

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