Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) launches the 2019/1441 Ramadan Campaign

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Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) launches the 2019/1441 Ramadan Campaign 


We are excited to announce the launch of our Ramadan 2019 Campaign ‘Change begins with you. With the holy month of Ramadan about to visit us in the next few weeks in sha AllahWe take this opportunity to thank all our ongoing supporters and welcome our new supporters to the Islamic Relief Family. 


Ramadan 2019

We know that Ramadan is a divine and holy period in which Muslims are instructed to fast from dawn to sunset. Fasting Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. During this month all Muslims, regardless of age, gender, race and ethnicity are invited to ‘Change 

Yes, we want to change this month. We want to be the better versions of ourselves in spirituality, emotionally and physically. 

The wisdom, power, and impact of Ramadan is beyond our understanding. We are blessed with a time to reflect, renew and improve ourselves. We are blessed with a time to be self-disciplined, caring, compassionate and visionary. 


 “Change, It Begins With You”  

You’re in control of the words you say, the people you meet, the things that you do. You don’t realize the impact your words and actions have on those around you, and most importantly, yourself. 

Change begins with you. Run directly at change. 

Change begins with Bismillah. It Begins with a simple intention.  

Change begins with Ramadan.  Ramadan is your opportunity to create positive change in your life, and the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. 


The Islamic Relief Family this Ramadan  

Your Zakat 

Zakat means ‘growth’ and ‘purification’. We purify our wealth by giving a proportion of it to those that need it. As with the pruning of plants, when we cut back we create balance and encourage new growth. 

Many people choose to pay their zakat during Ramadan, a blessed month in which the reward for good deeds is multiplied. 

Find out more on Zakat here. 

Learn More About How Our Zakat Projects Creates Long Term Positive Change Here


We’re distributing food packs to 100,000 more people this Ramadan 


IRAUS in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide aims to distribute 311,000 food packs in 34 countries to benefit over 1.7 million people this Ramadan. This is an additional 100,000 people we are reaching in comparison to last year.  




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