Indonesia Earthquake Leading to 1,400 Deaths

, / 2 years ago
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On Friday 28th September 2018 a tsunami, triggered by a 7.5 earthquake, hit Sulawesi in Indonesia. This was followed  by a volcanic eruption nearby which took place on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The number of deaths claimed by the disaster has sky-rocketed from 45 to 1,403 deaths in the last six days. At least 100 individuals are missing, followed by 150 people buried underneath debris.

Series of aftershocks and landslides have had an immediate and a long term impact on markets, businesses, roads and infrastructure. In Palu, a city in Sulawesi, Indonesia, over 85% of homes have been completely destroyed and the remaining number of standing homes are too dangerous for residents to return to.

Volcanic Eruption four days after Quake

Mount Soputan erupted on Wednesday morning and spewed 4,000 metres of fire and ash in the sky, in North Sulawesi. The Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation in Indonesia, has set up a restricted radius zone between 4 to 6.5 kilometres.

Due to the massive losses and widespread destruction of homes, communities are lacking in personal hygiene items, clothing and food. This is resulting in reports documenting cases of fever, coughs, diarrhoea and itchy skin. 

In the next few days, mass graves are being prepared to bury the dead.  Families have lost everything. Thousands of homes have collapsed and power and communication lines are down. In the aftermath of the disaster, rescue efforts have begun though access is a major challenge.

Islamic Relief in Indonesia

Islamic Relief is currently working with local partners in undertaking an immediate emergency response and reaching those affected by the disaster. Islamic Relief has been working in Indonesia since 2000 providing critical aid to communities in need.

Following the tsunami, we’ll be focusing on providing emergency lifesaving aid which can include food, medical assistance and blankets.

As communities have been torn apart, your donations will enable us to provide critical relief in this time of crisis.

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