Providing Emergency Assistance to Internally Displaced Families in Idlib Governate

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In Syria, families have settled in Idlib to escape the fighting in their home towns. The instability has forced 230,000 families into displacement.

Many aspects of day-to-day life have been impacted. Local markets are witnessing dramatic increases in the prices of food.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian families were forced out of their homes after fighting intensified in Aleppo. Most families have settled in the Idlib governate with little to no belongings, leaving most of their items in their homes.

Many of the newly settled families have limited livelihood opportunities, making them vulnerable to public health and environment threats.

Abu Ahmed, from South Aleppo, left his home after severe bombings struck his village. His son, was directly affected by the bombings and suffered from a spinal injury which caused him to become paralysed.

“When the bombing started on our village, we could not stay there. We took our children and ran out of the village looking for a safe place to go. The shelling intensified, forcing us to hide in one of the holes on the village road. One of shells fell near us and one of my children was hit by shrapnel which gave him a spinal injury that has paralyzed him.”

In home, Abu Ahmed used to worked in agriculture and farming. After settlement, Abu Ahmed has experienced many difficulties in earning money to support his children. Abu Ahmed’s experiences are very common amongst Syrian fathers.

“I was looking for work to get food for my children but unfortunately I could not find anything so we had to move to another village. I sometimes harvest crops from agricultural land and earn a bit of money to keep our lives here in this camp, but the money is not much and is only seasonal work so I have to depend on humanitarian assistance.”

The project has been successful supporting displaced families who have settled in Idlib. Islamic Relief initially aimed to support 3,974 households and ended up supporting 4,725 households and families – a total of 28,586 people.

More information on our Syria Appeal can be found here.

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