Elderly Couple in Iraq Receive Qurbani

/ 2 years ago
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Iraq is one of the most volatile countries in the world. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the gruelling armed conflict.

Ninety nine per cent of our staff come from the communities in which we work. They, therefore, have an in-depth understanding of the people we work with. 

Nahla From Iraq

Nahla is a 70 year old elderly woman from Iraq. She currently lives with her husband. The couple struggle with their current status as Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). IDP’s no longer live in their homes. Due to their age they are not able to work. One of the priority groups in the Qurban meat distribution are the elderly.

“It made me very happy to be able to cook a nice meal for my family on Eid. Meat is very expensive here and that makes it very difficult for us to buy. We mostly buy chicken instead because it’s less expensive.”

“To be honest meat became a dream for every poor IDP in here. We can only eat it on special occasions like Eid. The Islamic Relief meat pack help will last for one week or more and that is very helpful.  I will not worry about what to cook this week.”

Food insecurity is a growing concern among IDPs. The limitations of cost and food availability prevent families from purchasing and consuming meat.

Although food insecurity has decreased in the last few decades, a large number of the world’s population are food insecure. The problem of food insecurity isn’t a result of humans not being able to produce enough food for the world increasing population. The problem is rather, the unequal distribution of food.

” … It made a lot of people happy”

I would describe our standards of living as basic, we have a roof over our head and we don’t sleep hungry. We are thankful for what we have but at the same time we can’t afford health care or medicine.

My husband and I are too old to work so we mainly depend on our son. He uses his brother’s car to work as a driver for students around our neighbourhood.

I would like to thank Islamic Relief Iraq for their generosity and I hope they continue with their great work. This project was very helpful for us and I’m sure it made a lot of people happy.



The annual Qurbani Project provides an opportunity for those who cannot afford to purchase meat products. They receive the nutritional benefit of an Islamic Relief Meat Packet. The project involves the distribution of fresh packets to the most vulnerable people – women, children, the elderly and refugees.

Each meat packet distributed contains a sufficient amount of meat (4 kg on average), for a family of four for one week. Each meat packet is designed to consist of fresh meat that is appropriate and acceptable for the dietary culture of the region. In 2018, Islamic Relief aims to distribute meat to over 3 million people in over 34 countries during their annual Qurban campaign.


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In 2018, Islamic Relief aims to distribute meat to over 3 million people in over 34 countries during their annual Qurban campaign.

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