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Do you know what to do when a severe storm hits or when there is a flood warning? What about in the event of a bushfire? Well, wonder no more! We have been awarded a State Grant to run disaster preparedness courses for vulnerable communities in Auburn.

Above all, the Disasters and Dangers Project is designed to provide essential lifesaving skills to new Australians who are learning to live with disasters and dangers that are unique to Australia. By signing up to the course, you will learn about the warning signs of common disasters and emergencies, and who to contact to get help.

Secondly, the local State Emergency Service (SES) will be assisting with the project. Courses will run over four days with three days of training in disasters and dangers and one day of first aid training.The languages available will be run in Arabic, Dari and Urdu.

Furthermore, the courses are free and will be held on Saturdays, so don’t miss your opportunity to learn skills that could potentially save someone’s life! Participants will also get a free first aid kit.

Conclusively, If you are interested in attending then please contact Peter Sapsford, Islamic Relief Australia Local Programs Coordinator. He can be found on 0466 092 150 or at peter.sapsford@islamicrelief.org.au.
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Furthermore, if you wish to donate to our Bushfire disaster cause or help animals affected by the fires, we urge you to donate to one of the following organisations:

WWF Australia:

RSPCA New South Wales:


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: https://www.koalahospital.org.au/adopt-a-koala

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