Ali Davidson – Melbourne to Sydney Charity Ride – Muslims kickstarting bikes for a good cause

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A group of charitable Victorian Muslims will be lacing up their boots and strapping on their helmets in a bid to help raise funds and awareness for refugees around the world.

Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) in partnership with the Ali Davidson Motorcycle will be kickstarting their Harleys in the ‘Melbourne – Sydney Six-Day Charity Ride’. The two-wheeled enthusiasts will begin their challenge in Roxburgh Park on Wednesday, February 13 and visit regional towns en route to Sydney.

Ali Davidson is aiming to raise $50,000 to protect refugees, children and vulnerable families living in dire conditions affected by war, earthquakes, floods, winter, drought – all in the name of saving lives.

According to a UNHCR and UNRWA report published last year, there are currently 68.5 million people who have been forcibly displaced worldwide.

In 2018, Ali Davidson also took part in the Melbourne-Sydney motorcycle challenge raising funds for IRAUS.



In 2019 The group is using online crowdfunding site which can be found here, whereby participants and observers are able to make their own accounts and raise funds online for the general humanitarian campaign.

IRAUS community engagement coordinator Baha Yehia said the six-day journey could in some way reflect the life of a refugee, fleeing from one safe-zone to another, constantly on the run.

“It is a tough journey to be on a bike for six consecutive days. It takes a lot of physical and mental strength. Obviously, it’s no comparison to what refugees and asylum seekers go through, but it’s a good start to begin to understand just how difficult their lives can be. We know where our5 next stop and meal will be, the reality is… they don’t,” he said.

“We wanted to raise funds in a way that is different, bring a positive to bikies and attract attention for a good cause.”

IRAUS was established in 2011 and consists of a team of Australian volunteers, supporters and staff who address injustice and empower communities, as inspired by Islamic values.

IRAUS reflects on its Australian values and identity through its focus on local and regional issues in the aid and development space, while drawing upon the wealth of expertise and support of the global Islamic Relief family in the work it does.

The group will continue raising awareness and funds through the towns and cities they visit along the way, meeting with locals and youths including; Shepparton, Wagga Wagga, Goulburn, Wollongong, Auburn and Padstow.

How Can I Participate in this Event?

You can participate by clicking on this link.
1. Click on your favourite Ali Davidson Rider on the link Below
Make your own account.
2. Put your preferred monetary donation.
You can join us at any of our meet and greets in Melbourne and Sydney

You can catch us on our Facebook Event Page or Instagram page.

Meet and Greet Locations:

Shepparton 12:30pm – February 13th

Wagga Waga 7:30pm – Wednesday, February 13th
Young Mosque 12:30pm – Thursday, February 14th
Masjid Salam Wollongong 7:30pm – Thursday, February 14th
Jum’aa Location (to be confirmed) – Friday, February 15th
UMA Padstow Youth Night 5pm – Saturday, February 16th

For more information please contact IRAUS Melbourne’s community engagement coordinator Baha Yehia.

For more information via

mob: 0430 465 445

email: Baha.Yehia@islamicrelief.org.au



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