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Does my donation really go into Syria?
Yes, funds which are raised for Syria go to supporting people inside Syria or for Syrian refugees in surrounding countries.

In the past, Islamic Relief Australia funding has been used in Aleppo, Al Ghouta, Madaya, and other regions and towns inside Syria. Funds have also been used in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Macedonia to assist Syrian refugees.

How quickly will my donation be on the ground?
Islamic Relief works as a family, and the funds donated by caring people such as yourself from all over the world are used together to provide not just immediate relief, but ongoing care. For that reason, your donation might be the one used to provide immediate assistance, or it might be the one used in the same community a month later, to make sure the people we’re helping get long-term support, and aren’t returned to their initial, desperate, situation.

I heard it’s dangerous or not allowed to donate to Syria because of ISIS. Is that true?
You can be assured when you donate to Islamic Relief Australia, you have made a secure donation which will assist the millions of Syrians in need, which will not ever be used to support any political movement or party.

NGOs must be extremely careful when working in active war zones to ensure the funds they raised are used to help innocent people in need, and aren’t used to benefit one political party or movement or another. Islamic Relief takes this responsibility very seriously and carefully monitors all our work in Syria to ensure, and demonstrate, that our projects help innocent civilians.
That’s why we’re a trusted partner of UN agencies, institutional funding bodies, and other NGOs around the world. So you can feel secure that your donation will be going exactly where you want it to- to alleviate the suffering of innocent Syrians.