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What kind of health projects will Islamic Relief do?
In the past, we’ve provided pregnant and breastfeeding women who are internally displaced in remote areas of Somalia with maternal health care through mobile health clinics, keeping them healthy and safe through childbirth and after. We’ve equipped health clinics inside Syria and Gaza with medical drugs and surgical equipment during crises to ensure they remain operational during critical times. And we’ve provided long term rehabilitation and physiotherapy to children with disability in Lebanon.

In the future, we aim to continue to help communities not just by covering immediate health needs, but by strengthening on-the-ground infrastructure and capacity to provide sustainable solutions, so communities can help themselves.

How can I find out how my support was used?
A donation to our general health fund enables us the flexibility to fund whichever health project is most important or needy at the time whether in an emergency response or not.

Keep an eye on our social media or in our annual report for information about our health projects to know how your donation was used.