Sustainable Development

East Africa Flood Appeal

Your donation could provide:

- Immediate medical assistance

- Food and nutrition

- Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)

Devastating floods across East Africa have left over 1 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Unusually severe seasonal flooding has displaced over 600,000 people across South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya, and destroyed key infrastructure, houses, livelihoods and water resources. This has left families unable to access vital services and vulnerable to disease outbreak and food insecurity.

Over 20 people have been killed in Somalia while whole towns have been submerged in South Sudan. Both countries have recently suffered through internal conflict and drought, and these floods only worsen the delicate humanitarian situation there. The South Sudanese Government has declared a state of emergency in affected regions and the Somali Government is urging for international assistance.

Islamic Relief is working with partners on the ground to respond with life-saving assistance quickly and effectively.

Our comprehensive emergency response includes:

• Immediate medical assistance
• Health education
• Food and nutrition
• Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
• Essential non-food items (NFI) such as baby kits, blankets, clothing and heaters
• Livelihood and income generation support
• Protection for women and children

Donate now and help save lives