When a disaster occurs or conflict arises, IRAUS aims to respond quickly and effectively by providing survivors and affected-communities with immediate help. The quicker the response, the more lives can be saved and the quicker we can start to help communities stabilise and rebuild

Humanitarian Disasters

IRAUS partners with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), local field offices, and other local partners, to deploy response teams and emergency relief materials.

Our activities help meet critical survival needs in the immediate aftermath of an emergency, but also lay the groundwork for longer-term recovery programs that aim to rebuild lives, communities, and services

Protracted Crises

These are situations in which a significant portion of a population is facing death, disease, and a collapse of livelihoods. Sadly, situations like Syria and Yemen fall into this category. IRAUS, again in partnership with IRW and others, is delivering relief and early recovery support activities that focus on critical survival needs – food, water and sanitation, medical treatment, and security.

Disaster Prevention & Preparedness

IRAUS also works with communities that are prone to help people and communities prepare for the worst and be able to respond effectively if something does occur. Prevention is the best response to any possible emergency. This is called disaster-risk reduction and it ultimately helps communities reduce the amount of risk they live with, for example the level of disruption they experience through climate change..

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We respond immediately to human suffering. At the moments notice we organize funds, staff and resources to actively work in areas to support those in need.