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Iraqis Escaping

Following an intensifying of conflict around the city of Fallujah, Iraq, thousands of new people have become displaced, escaping the terrifying military operations.

Help families now

3.4 million Iraqis displaced since January 2014, and the 10 million Iraqis in need of humanitarian assistance.

But these are people you can help. With your support, we can mobilise to provide food, shade cloths, and a mobile health clinic to those families internally displaced from Fallujah. But we can’t act without you.

The people of Iraq have been through so much, and so many years of devastating conflict. This Ramadan, let them know they’re still in our hearts and prayers.

What has Islamic Relief Australia already done?

In 2014, we assisted persecuted minorities escaping Mosul by providing shelter and food incooperation with local churches.

In 2015, we provided over 12,000 newly displaced Iraqis in hard-to-reach areas within Al Anbar province with much needed food packs to ensure their survival. This project was withthanks to the Australia Iraqi Muslim Society.

In 2016, we’re providing Ramadan food packs to 570 families in Iraq.